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Girls LOVE short guys.

Updated: Feb 14

From a biological standpoint, women are attracted to high status men. In ancient times a highly regarded man was pre-validated by the tribe. He was most likely a good hunter and had good social skills. He could provide safety, food and good genes.


Being tall was not necessarily an advantage. Choosing the right man was a matter of life or death for a woman. 

To this day, status is a much stronger attraction trigger than height. 

Nowadays, when a man and a woman first meet, they know very little about each other. 

Her biology urges her (subconsciously) to look for signs of high status. 

If you’re a good guy - short or tall - it’s up to you to SHOW your value to the world. 


Your photos should create an impactful first impression. It makes people see you in a different light.

<<< More dating options. 

<<< Better job/business options.

Here at XiFLARE, we are artists with a passion and a mission to impact your life through stunning visuals. No matter how you look - we’ll find your strong points and make you look attractive. We already helped more than 150 men with incredible results. Check out our testimonials.

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